100 Years Old Paris Color Photos Take You Back To The Old City of Light

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In 1909, French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn began a photography project, called “Les Archives de la Planète” (Archives of the Planet), in which he wanted to collect a photographic record of the entire Earth.

For the project, Kahn hired four photographers, which he sent around the world to record images of the period using Autochrome Lumière, a color photography process which had just appeared.

From 1909 to 1931, his photographers collected about 72,000 photos and 183,000 meters of film from 50 countries, to create a historical archive of the world.

Below are some of the color photos (some color enhancing was used) from this collection, taken in Paris and which, just like Kahn intended, allows us to take a glimpse into the past and rediscover the City of Light as it was a century ago.

More info: Albert-Kahn Museum and Garden (Paris) | thanks to petapixel.com

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