19-Year-Old Artist Creates Surprising Illustrations Using Real-Life Objects

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Kristina Webb describes herself as “a Kiwi teenager with a passion for drawing and a dream to inspire people” – and her Instagram is indeed a source of inspiration for almost two million followers, so she must be doing it right.

Kristina’s drawings blend delicate lines and colors with various real life elements likeĀ  feathers, flowers, chocolate or broken CDs – and the effect is playful and beautifully creative. The young artist finds inspiration in the little things: clothes can turn into butterflies, a maiden’s blond hair is drawn with spaghetti, and water spilled on the page makes for a gorgeous, translucent dress.

You can follow Kristina on her Facebook and Instagram, or you can pay her a visit on her website, colourmecreative.com.


(H/t: abduzeedo)

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