This 3D Exhibition by Brain Mash Could Rock Your Selfies

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How about an art exhibition that will actually look cool on your social media profile?

That is exactly what Brain Mash did. The art and design studio located in Novosibirsk-Russia, mixed graffiti with photo-realistic illustration and created the 3D Exhibition. The exhibition consists of a series of cleverly executed 3D paintings which seem to “pop out” of the walls of the gallery, inviting the viewer to take part in a game of finding the right photography angle for a perfect optical illusion which will leave your friends wondering (and drooling too).

In the 3D Exhibition by Brain Mash, you don’t just look at artwork, you become part of the illustration. From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Iron Man, from comic book style frames to breath-taking ski slopes, from velociraptor boxing games to Spiderman, this 3D Exhibition is deliciously playful. So which one is your favorite?

For more info, visit Brain Mash on Behance and Facebook.

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