52 Facebook Insights In a Deck of Cards

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This year, Facebook chose to release its annual marketing insights in the form of a beautiful deck of playing cards made in collaboration with London-based agency Human After All.

The deck contains 52 unique insights about the social network and its users. Each cards features stylish, flat illustrations dealing with “everything from Santa to Star Wars and Jay Z to Jon Snow”, as the agency says.

More than 1000 packs of cards were distributed across agencies that work with Facebook, and in addition to the UK deck, Human After All also made country-specific decks for France, Italy and Spain – based on their own specific insights, of course.

This deck stands as proof that data visualization can be both beautiful and entertaining – and to be honest, we’d love to get our hands on one of these; but hey, who wouldn’t?

View the full deck of cards HERE.

(H/t: adweek)

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