Aerial Drone Photography Captures Hong Kong’s Urban Jungle

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Andy Yeung is a photographer who captured Hong Kong’s stunningly dense skyline using drone photography.

The Hong Kong based photographer specializes in landscape, architecture and travel photography because, as he says, “travel and photography have always worked in perfect harmony. They go hand in hand. Capturing great moments and transforming what I’ve seen into something new and artistic while strolling through a new city with fresh eyes is a rewarding experience.”

Andy’s Urban Jungle project required no travel though, as the project revolves around Hong Kong and its amazing density of high-rise buildings. Let’s not forget that the urban area of Hong Kong has the highest population and employment density in the world, and also the fact that the Hong Kong is the city with the most buildings taller than 500 meters. Couple that with the jagged aspect of Hong Kong’s skyline and with the impressive sky-scrapers sprouting up all over the city, and you get Andy’s Urban Jungle.

In this series of photographs, the Chinese metropolis is captured from a fresh aerial perspective: the artist uses a drone camera to hover over the tightly-packed residential towers and office buildings. From this newly acquired vantage point, the viewer is treated to spectacular views of Hong Kong’s bustling architecture, the bewildering heights and dramatic depths of the cityscape.

For more information, you can follow Andy Yeung on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

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