Artist Creates Stylish Celebrity Caricatures You Can’t Unsee

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José Rodríguez Mota is a freelance illustrator from Venezuela who specializes in celebrity caricatures – and we love his style!

His artworks are remarkable for their stylized, quirky look, and for the way the most recognizable features of the celebrities he chooses as subjects are condensed into wildly vivid colors and angular volumes, as if their image was filtered through distorting carnival mirrors. This effect creates a very cartoonish – yet stylish – look, and the resulting artworks showcase the artist’s keen sense of observation and style.

José seems to favor music and movie stars such as some of the Harry Potter cast, tv series stars like the actors from X Files or Game of Thrones, movie directors like Quentin Tarantino, or rockstars Steven Tyler and Nick Cave.

You can check out José Rodríguez Mota’s entire collection on Behance, or you can follow him on his blog or Facebook page.

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