Bec Winnel’s Delicate Female Portraits Are So Beautiful And Dreamy You Might Just Fall In Love

Australian illustrator Bec Winnel enjoys creating detailed portraits of imaginary women in imaginary worlds. Her astonishingly delicate portraits are the result of a combination between the refinement and emotional complexity of a painter with the illustrative precision of a graphic artist.

The illustrations are sometimes accompanied by elements of nature and fantasy, and they usually include soft, subdued pastels that fade out into to the background, subtly amplifying the mystery.

While most modern illustrators like to begin their work in their sketchbooks and finish them digitally, Bec likes to work the other way around. She starts using Photoshop, building up a composition and then completes the artwork using pens, pastels, watercolor or acrylic, while paying special attention to particular details, usually around the focal point.

Bec Winnel has a diploma in graphic design and art, which she studied in Melbourne, Australia, and she currently works as a full-time illustrator.

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