Cosplayer Turns Into Real-Life Comic Characters Using Body Paint

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Mixed-artist Kay Pike is a Canadian Cosplay model, entertainer and entrepreneur, whose stunning body-painting technique (which she calls cospaint) turns her into a real-life comic character.

“I’ve always loved superhero culture,” Pike told SELF. “I’ve been working at comic conventions selling my fashion line, Canada Cosplay, for years.” Kay’s interest in superheroes goes way back, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she first started incorporating body-paint into her costumes. By adding contours, highlights and shadows which replicate the graphic comic book effect, she managed to create the seamless illusion of comic characters brought to life in all their 2D glory: from Lady Deadpool to She-Hulk, from Starfire to Captain Planet (yes, you read that right!), all her body-paintings look incredibly realistic.

You can follow Kay Pike on Instagram, Facebook, and on her channel, where she live-streams her paints twice a week.

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(H/t: SELF)

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