Creative Make-up: Miniature Illustrations Worn As Eyeshadow

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Tal Peleg is a visual artist who puts a new spin on the concept of make-up as an art form: she uses her own eyelids as canvas for illustrations. On this canvas, the artist depicts miniature scenes from iconic books and movies.

“Inspiration is all around me, and I give my own unique artistic interpretation using makeup,” the artist declared. “It can be inspired by emotions, movies, fairytales, animals, food, important social matter and more.” Indeed, her subjects range from the horror classic The Shining to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales; and for each illustration, Tal spends hours laboriously painting detailed characters and landscapes  – even if they are only one splash of make-up remover away from being erased.

“Makeup is an amazing form of art, and I use it in order to make my eye tell a story. I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way”, Tal says. Indeed, her detailed artworks are a form of wearable art – some of them might be too bold for your day job, but paired with a fancy outfit and accessory, we bet they’d make for a killer high fashion look.

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(H/t: mymodernmet; boredpanda)

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