Edible Pop Culture Icons in a Spoon

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Ioana Vanc is a Romanian architect who creates small art pieces involving pop culture characters, using a spoon as a canvas.

Her edible artworks are made of actual food – mostly vegetables, like eggplant, apple, zucchini, cucumbers or avocado. Each miniature illustration fits perfectly inside a spoon, begging for a moment of visual appreciation before being tasted.

Ioana puts both tiny landscapes and pop culture icons on spoons. Imagine Batman made of eggplant, or all the Star Wars characters, or the snowman in Frozen, or Kermit the Frog (that one is made out of pears and apples, if you must know), or hey, how about a kiwi bird made out of kiwi?

You can follow Ioana’s work by following her Instagram account or the hashtag #in_a_spoon.

(H/t: nerdist.com)

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