Ellen Jewett’s Delicate Sculptures Seem to Defy Gravity

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Ellen Jewett is a Canadian surrealist sculptor, a naturalist and a lifelong student of anthrozoology. After studying Anthropology and Fine Arts, she started crafting delicate, dream-like, clay sculptures portraying fantastic creatures with absurd anatomy.

Ellen’s work blends plants, animals, and occasionally human-made constructs into strange lattice-like sculptures which seem to echo other dimensions. Even the materials she works with are unusual, as the artist likes to rely on unique material combinations which have no toxic properties. The sculpt is entirely modeled by hand, right down to the finest details.

“Over time I find my sculptures are evolving to be of greater emotional presence by using less physical substance: I subtract more and more to increase the negative space,” writes the artist on her website. “The element of weight, which has always seemed so fundamentally tied to the medium of sculpture, is stripped away and the laws of gravity are no longer in full effect.”

These otherworldly creatures can be admired in full detail on Ellen Jewett’s website. If you’d like to buy one of her prints, make sure you visit her Etsy page.

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