Feast your Eyes on These Fat and Furious Burgers

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Fat and Furious Burger is a cookbook of re-invented, mind-bending, unique burgers ready to be devoured first by your eyes, then by your stomach.

The project was born from the “collision of two strong appetites”: Thomas & Quentin, the founders of the Graphic Design & Art Direction studio Furious. Tired of their (probably not stellar) lunchtime sandwiches, Thomas & Quentin decided to cook some crazy burgers – and so they did. The resulting cookbook contains 60 recipes for “kamikaze livers & intrepid stomacs”.

And if you’re not sure whether you should try out some of the recipes from the Fat and Furious Burger project, you should know that despite their over-the-top design (yes, we know they don’t look like something you should be eating), all the burgers are actually very edible, even if the ingredients might sometimes seem over-the-top in their own right: “from tomato to Tabasco, from pepper to gold powder, from eggs to eggplants, everything is good between two buns”, as their website says.

Make sure you pay them a visit on their website, Instagram and Facebook, and if you’d like some more badass burger awesomeness, go visit their shop – they’ve got prints too!

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