Hiérophante’s Clichés Music Video Shows How Unoriginal You Are On Social Media

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French musician Hiérophante wanted to show the unoriginality that floods social media today, by gathering images that basically everyone is posting over and over again and using them to create a video for his new song, called Clichés.

The video shows how everyone takes selfies in the same places, posts the same heart design caffe latte photos, has the same tattoos, and so on, as well as various celebrities photos taken from their Instagram accounts in which they always pose the same.

While the video makes you think about the way social media influences our lives and how stereotypical – stock photo-like -, we’ve become, the irony is that there are quite a few similar videos, so this music video is a cliché too.

Still, the video is pretty interesting to watch and the “Clichés” song by Hiérophante is actually pretty nice. Check it out below.

More about Hiérophante: SoundCloud | Facebook | Vimeo (thanks to ufunk)

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