Honey & Butter Macarons Are Too Cute To Eat

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Based in California, Honey & Butter is a boutique specialized in beautifully decorated macarons. Not only that their macarons look delicious, they also stylishly reproduce pop culture icons, from Studio Ghibli characters, to Disney princesses, to emojis.

In case you were wondering what these beautiful desserts taste like, here’s what the Honey & Butter bakers say on their website: “Our macaron shells are made with almonds from California. We make the jams from fresh fruits, grind the pistachios & hazelnuts, temper the chocolate ourselves, to make sure that everything that goes into each macaron is fresh and joyful.”

Not only are these macarons made to make your mouth water, they also contain a very special ingredient: love. “Honey & Butter is our dream. We love putting smiles on the faces of people around us with the macarons we bake.”

For more delicious goodies from Honey & Butter, make sure you visit their Instagram and website.

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