Images of Disasters About to Happen Will Fill You With Anxious Anticipation

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In preparation for Kinfolk magazine’s adrenaline issue, photographer Aaron Tilley and art director Kyle Bean were asked to create a series of visuals for the story titled “In Anxious Anticipation“. As the title says, the images were meant to capture the heart-pounding, pulse-raising triggers the brain sends to the body when we feel something possibly dangerous is about to happen.

The scenes Aaron Tilley and Kyle Bean created feature humorous every day disasters which will get your blood pumping in anticipation: ink about to drop on a white shirt, a bowling ball about to roll over bubble wrap, a stone pendulum about to swing over unlit matches, concrete bricks about to smash into a delicate champagne glass.

“The effects of adrenaline are positively pulse-pounding, but the physical whoosh we feel in our bodies actually starts in our brains. The connection between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts is a curious relationship. Adrenaline flows into our autonomic nervous system when it anticipates that something bad is about to happen—not because something bad is already happening,” says Jordan Kushins in the article In Anxious Anticipation. “The human mind is a powerful thing: We have the ability to induce this same internal whoosh simply by thinking about a hairy moment instead of actually living it.”

These images sure had us biting our nails in anticipation – but how do they make you feel? Let us know in the comments!


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