10 Innovative Ideas That Should Be Used Everywhere

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How many times have you bought various food items filled with different stuffing, like donuts, empanadas and so on, and later didn’t know which is which? Here’s a nice solution for it: encrust the stuffing on the crust:



Some potato chip brands sell their products in cans which make them hard to access after the first few chips. Here’s a “device” that could easily be packaged with such potato chip cans that can solve this issue by always keeping the chips at the top:



A mug that catches drips with a simple groove near the bottom is another awesome, yet so simple idea (and no, I don’t know where you can get one; if you do, let us know in the comments!):


Source: yankodesign


The main role of a winter coat should be its effectiveness in keeping you warm during the winter, right? Sure, the design, quality and so on are important too, but none of those are its main purpose (well, or at least they shouldn’t be). But how can you compare different coats based on this important aspect, when you buy them in stores where it’s warm, if you buy them in a different season or for a different region? Well, this store came up with the idea of a winter simulator that you can use to try out winter coats in… winter conditions:



Ice coffee is great but if you enjoy it for too long, the ice will melt and dilute the coffee and who wants to drink. And the weird part is, there’s a really easy solution for this, yet it’s not widely used. Here’s a coffee shop that understood the problem and came up with a very easy solution – it uses ice cubes made of coffe so your coffe won’t dilute when they melt:



I don’t know about you but I love beer. Only when it’s ice cold though. One of the issues with this is that unless you drink it fast, it’s going to get warm and at least for me, that makes it undrinkable. This bar came up with the perfect solution – a strip of ice to keep your beer cold:



For some fruits it’s not obvious if they are ripe or not, especially if they’re exotic and not something you buy frequently. Wouldn’t you want to know if the exotic fruits you’re buying are actually ripe and you can enjoy their best taste or at least that they’re ripe enough to be eaten? Here’s an idea used for mangoes exported from Mexico: a sticker that lets you know when it’s ripe:



This idea is so simple and useful that I really don’t understand why it’s not widely used – a line that shows a spoon’s center of gravity so you can easily place it on the side of the pan:



Stairs carved with special slots to help you bring your bike down easily is yet another great idea that makes so much sense it makes you wonder why it’s not used everywhere:



While some may find the idea below as annoying, it could actually be quite effective. Saftey should always come first and enforcing the use of seat belts should really be given more attention. Here’s one way of doing it – this car won’t let you listen to music until you’ve buckled your seatbelt:


Unless specified, image source: 9gag.

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