Insect Wings Turn into Blooming Flowers in Seb Janiak’s Project Mimesis

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Mimesis, Seb Janiak’s photomontage project, turns insect wings into intricate, blooming flowers.

Mimesis is Greek for imitation – a concept that fascinates the Paris-based artist. In the natural world of eat or be eaten, organisms develop new features, colors, textures and patterns in order to mirror their environment and avoid being seen and, ultimately, eaten by a predator higher up the food chain. This mechanism, like mostly everything nature-related, is not a sentient-driven effort but a random and, most often surprising, occurrence.

Seb Janiak photographs insect wings, then assembles them into sprawling patterns which turn into photo-montages of petal-like blooms; in this (meta) way, it appears as if these beautiful flowers copy through mimesis the already mimetic appearance of butterflies.

You can enjoy more insect-winged flowers from the Mimesis collection on  Seb Janiak’s website.


(H/t: mymodernmet)

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