NASA Space Travel Posters Will Make You Dream of Tomorrow

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These posters might look vintage, but they are actually the most future-oriented artworks you’ll come across, and the reason is simple: they were released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a 2016 calendar called “Visions of the Future”.

The first three posters – Enceladus, Mars, and the Grand Tour – were designed by Seattle-based studio Invisible Creature. This NASA collaboration was a match made in heaven for Don & Ryan Clark, the two siblings running Invisible Creatures. “Our grandfather, Alfred Paulsen, had been an illustrator throughout his entire professional life- 28 years of which he spent at NASA,” they wrote on their website. ” The desire to create, and the potential to do it with precision and imagination, was simply ingrained in us.” Okay, we get it, the talent runs in the family – and it shows, the posters are filled with unique details which reveal themselves on a closer inspection: the planes and symbols of agriculture on the Mars poster make us think that humans already have settlements on the Red Planet, while “The Grand Tour” poster is a nod to NASA’s Voyager mission from the 1970s.

The other posters invite the viewer on other spectacular trips around the sun: Venus, “the best place to watch the Mercury transit”,  Ceres – the gateway to the outer solar system, finding life beneath the ice on Europa or riding the tides on Titan.

As thirsty for adventure as these posters leave us, we are ready to suit up and explore the solar system, and honestly, the future can’t come soon enough.

You can download all the posters in high resolution from the JPL website, or buy prints from the Invisible Creature shop.

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