Impressive Paintings By 16-Year-Old Dimitra Milan Open The Door To The Dream Realm

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Artist Dimitra Milan grew up surrounded by art and by the age of 15, she already had paintings spread across private collections in the U.S. and Europe. Now 16 years old, Dimitra already has her own unique style and her amazing oil paintings radiate with rich, dark colors and adventurous designs.

Daughter of Elli and John Milan, founders of the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, Dimitra watched her parents’ career her whole life, being raised to appreciate art. While she was homeschooled, she attended various classes that she found interesting at the Milan Art Institute, which allowed her to improve and explore her passion for art in general and painting in particular.

While she enjoys experimenting, Dimitra likes to have a balance in her artwork, incorporating the new technique she discovers with traditional, already mastered techniques. Thanks to this mix, her paintings look deep, beautiful, and emotional and at the same time, effortless.

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