Erik Johansson Twists Reality With His Impossible Photography

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Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson likes to combine photography and Photoshop to create photo-realistic surreal landscapes.

According to his website, Erik Johansson is self-taught in both photography and retouching and he finds inspiration in all the things around him, from everyday life to music and other artists’ work.

The artist doesn’t use stock photos or anything like that – he uses his own photographs, which he combines and modifies using Photoshop, with the goal of creating realistic images that capture ideas, and not just moments.

The process of creating one of his mind-bending images involves quite a few steps. It starts with a simple sketch and planning, which defines how the photo must look and feel. The second step involves the part where Erik takes photographs and gathers other material required for the image. And the final part is putting all the pieces together, like a puzzle, and Erik says that this is actually the easiest part, if he’s done the first and second step right.

For more optical illusions and photo-realistic surreal artwork, check out the website below!

More Info: ErikJohanssonPhoto

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