Photographer Captures The Every-Day Adventures of Toy Animals

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Bettina Güber is a German artist and photographer who tells the hilarious every-day adventures of toy animals through photography.

The series entitled Pets features plastic animal toys (there’s a giraffe, and a hippopotamus, and some dinosaurs, there’s an eagle too, and even a meerkat) living out their staged toy-adventures among outsized food items, remote controls and bottles of gin.

The series is split intro 3 parts: first there’s the day-to-day life of plastic pets and their struggles in the kitchen – bathing in bowls of milk and soup, for instance. Then there’s the Night At Home series, when the black sheep is wearing high heels and everybody’s getting just a little too friendly. The third part of the project is called Life’s not fair… and it illustrates just that – the hilarious unfairness of life if you’re a tiny plastic T-Rex with short arms, or a long-necked giraffe in a bagel-long-throw competition.

You can enjoy more of Bettina’s work on Behance.

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