Photographer Captures The Transition From Day To Night In A Single Image

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Since 2009, US photographer Stephen Wilkes has been capturing time in his “Day to Night” landscapes. Wilkes shoots around 1500 images over 15 to 18 hours, all from a single angle, and after a thorough selection, he electronically merges them in a single surreal photograph that shows the passing of time.

According to, Wilkes doesn’t consider his Day and Night composite shots a time-lapse – where a camera runs every 30 seconds taking pictures -, he takes the photos himself, “as a street photographer from above”. In fact he doesn’t sleep during his shoots and only takes a break if the sun and moon are in the right position, so the missing frames wouldn’t create a gap in his subtle transitions.

Wilke first came up with the idea of shooting multiple landscape images in 1996, but it wasn’t until 1999, when he was commissioned to shoot the High Line Park for New York Magazine, that he used his “day to night” technique to show the passing of time.

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