Photographer Shares His Wisdom Through Double Exposure

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“Wisdom for My Children” is what Brandon Kidwell, a freelance photographer based out of Jacksonville Florida, calls a lifelong project – a collection of photos that revolve around powerful motifs such as growth, truth, courage, fear or freedom.

The artist translates the wisdom meant for his kids into written pieces of advice that are accompanied by photos created using digital in-camera double exposure. Brandon Kidwell superimposes a portrait with other elements in order to create seamless images filled with strong symbolism meant to illustrate the experience and knowledge he wants to instill in his children.

“This was a personal project that took form over a years time that is the result of real experiences that I went through with my children. Each image is symbolic of some piece of advice that I gave them,” says the artist. “I hope that these portraits and the messages they contain are received and will resonate with my children and the decisions they make.”

The photographer started the “Wisdom for My Children” project in 2014 and finished it by the start of 2015, then rebooted it as a lifelong work-in-progress – so stay tuned for more life lessons through photos from Brandon Kidwell.


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