Artist Transforms Common Objects And Landforms Into Alien Worlds With His Surreal Paintings

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In Jacek Yerka’s surreal paintings, common, easily recognizable objects and land-forms are transformed into completely new alien worlds. His artworks portray his mood, feelings and imagination in a very natural yet uncommon way, as if the artist uses parallel worlds as his models.

Born in Torun, Notrhern Poland, in 1952, Jacek Yerka grew up surrounded by art. With both parents graduates of the local Fine Arts Academy, Jacek couldn’t escape the art world – in fact,  his very first memories are faint recollections of the smell of paint, ink, paper and brushes.

The artist attended the same Fine Art Academy as his parents. During his time as a student, he would always spend a couple of hours on paintings that he’d only allow his family and friends to see.

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