Prynt – the New Must-Have Polaroid… I Mean Phone Case

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Prynt is a phone case that prints out your smartphone photos like a Polaroid. All you have to do is plug your phone into the case and take a picture, then voila! In just seconds, your photo will be printed out on paper and ready to be stuck into an album. How long has it been since you’ve last done that, huh?

It might sound like magic, but it’s not. Prynt is the result of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, and understandably so – sharing pictures online is one thing, but real pictures, the kind you can pin into boards and glue into scrapbooks – those are still hard to beat. The Polaroid resemblance in both looks and functionality adds even more icing on this nostalgic cake.

This phone case is not all retro though. Prynt uses mini Zink photo paper strips to print the pictures stored on your phone. When you take a picture, the app records a video and stores it in the cloud, linked to that photo. After your print the photo, your friends can use the Prynt app to see the linked video. The case works with both Iphone and Samsung phones and it comes in black and white.

For more info, make sure you check out the video:

Source:  Prynt      H/t: hellogiggles

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