Retro Satirical Illustrations Show the Issues Of Modern Society

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Passionate about painting and drawing since childhood, British freelance artist John Holcroft likes to create retro-style satirical illustrations and I must say, they are absolutely brilliant.

While the illustrations look like 1950s screen print poster ads, their message is as actual as it gets, focusing on the modern day society and its issues, like our technology addiction, the importance of money and so on.

Over the years, John has worked in many different styles however, he became known world-wide thanks to his recent retro satirical illustrations and this brought him clients such as BBC, Guardian, TUC, The Times, The Economist, Reader’s Digest, New York Times, and more.

Asked how he creates the look of his work with its “bad print” effects, John Holcroft answers that it’s just a “bit of jiggery pockery with photoshop”.

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