Redditor Creates Snake Game That Runs On Your Keyboard

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play snake directly on your keyboard, without a monitor? That’s what redditor MythicManiac thought, and because he was bored, he decided to create a snake game that uses his mechanical gaming keyboard as the screen, while the snake is formed from the multicolor backlight keys.

For the score, the programmer used a progress bar on the keypad – once you manage to fill it up completely, you’ve won the game. You can’t see this in the video, but there’s also a “fancy victory rainbow color flashy thing” that’s displayed if you win, says the redditor.

MythicManiac’s code for the Keyboard Snake game is available on GitHub. For now, the project has only been tested on a Corsair K70 RGB keyboard, but other Corsair keyboards might work as well.

via Reddit (thanks to Upvoted)

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