Star Wars: Reimagined Is Everything You Imagined

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The awesome community of visual artists over at CG+ held a contest entitled Star Wars: Reimagined. The brief asked for a fresh take on a Star Wars themed subject, be it character, creature or vehicle: “we want you to be creative about it, you can cross universes or redesign within an existing universe as long as it’s a fresh and interesting take on the subject. Cyberpunk Boba Fett? Padme Amidala in a new beautiful dress? Gundam Darth Vader? World War II Millennium Falcon? Medieval stormtrooper? Battle wookies, nexu, bounty hunters, droids and other supporting characters, creatures and vehicles are acceptable. We want to see your unlimited power of imagination!”

From professionals to newbies, from big industry names to aspiring doodlers, the artists tried their hand at re-imagining what is probably the most imagination-stirring universe in pop culture, and the results were spectacular. The follow-up? I’ll just give you a few examples: A Mad Max style Darth Vader, a Fallout-meets-Star-Wars crossover, a cyber-punk Darth Maul,  xenomorphs fighting back against light sabers, and many, many more – over 300 submissions actually, which you can admire (and save as wallpaper) here.

Today they announced the winners, so here they are, for your viewing pleasure, followed by some of our personal favorites. And seriously, go see all of them, we promise it will be worth it!

Source: CG+

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