The Bar of Your Nightmares Seen Through Instagram Filters

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Today H.R. Giger, the legendary artist who brought to life the Xenomorph creature from the Alien Saga, would have been 76 years old. As the “father” of one of the most lethal and unnerving monsters in cinema, his works always tread the thin line between surreal nightmare and full-blown, scream-your-lungs-out-and-run horror. Giger’s most distinctive stylistic innovation was that of a representation of human bodies and machines in a disturbing, interconnected relationship. This he described as “biomechanical”.

So, how about a place where, for a while, you can be the human in a monstrous Giger machine? Giger studied interior and industrial design and applied his biomechanical style to interior and furniture design too. In Switzerland, his home country, there are two bars themed and modeled by the artist: the Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland, opened in 1992, and Museum HR Giger Bar, located in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland, opened in 2003.

Our first impressions? Both bars look insane and terrifying – in the best possible way. If you’ve ever wished to visit an Alien movie set, this is exactly like that, just, well, better. We scoured Instagram for pictures that do justice to the design, so here’s our selection:

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