The Legs of Literary Characters Hang from Your Book with These Creative Bookmarks

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MyBOOKMark is a unique concept created and designed exclusively by Ukrainian artist Olena Mysnyk.

These creative bookmarks promise to make your reading sessions special: the handcrafted sets of playful legs at the bottom of the bookmark will make it seem like your favorite literary characters are trapped within the pages of the book – and who wouldn’t enjoy reading the Wizard of Oz while admiring Dorothy’s ruby-slippered feet?

Other best-selling bookmarks include the direwolf paw representative of House Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire, the golden, metallic feet belonging to C-3PO from Star Wars, the fluffy tail of a fox, a pair hairy hobbit feet and the Quidditch bookmark, perfect for your Harry Potter series.

“Everything is hand-crafted”, says Olena.”Our team doesn’t produce things – we create joy, then frame it into pleasure from turning book pages and deliver to a bookworm wrapped in an unusual packing.”

If you want to see the entire collection (and gift your books some cute legs), visit the MyBOOKmark website and Etsy page.

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