The “Traveling Cars Adventures” Project Will Hit You Right in the Childhood

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Kim Leuenberger’s project entitled “Traveling Cars Adventures” is all about her toy cars and their whimsical exploration of the world around us.

“I love being creative with my photography as well as documenting the life around me. I love making objects and tell a story through my pictures,” says the London-based photographer. Kim was born in Switzerland in 1992, but she soon found out that the region she was born in was quite small and “lost in between two chains of mountains”, so she started traveling around Europe, “hungry to discover more of the world and be a real explorer.”

The exploration stories she tells are about tiny but brave toy cars who “travel the world and love to get into dramatic situations.” The little cars are shown driving through lavender fields, flying through the clouds thanks to a bunch of balloons, battling snowstorms on the mountains, or waddling through the waves on secluded beaches.

You can enjoy more of Kim’s work on her Instagram and website – but be warned: her Traveling Cars series will hit you right in the childhood!


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