The Whimsical Adventures of A Photographer and His Giant Dog

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Chris Cline is a photographer based in Minnesota whose creative photography makes his Goldendoodle puppy named Juji appear larger than life.

The photographer wasn’t thrilled about getting a dog in the first place: “I didn’t want the responsibility. Plus I thought it was a girl’s dog,” he declared for His opinion changed though, as soon as the furry creature entered his life; within a week they were inseparable.

What followed was a brilliant Instagram account, filled with the adventures of Chris and Juji – with a touch of Photoshop magic. The photographer alters the images to create “a kids’ book feel,” while playfully telling a story of friendship between a man and his dog.

If you like Chris’ photos, you can enjoy more on his Instagram and Facebook.

(H/t: thepetmatchmaker)

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