This Clever Typography Will Make You Look Twice

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New-York based artist Ji Lee is well known for his work at Google and Facebook, as well as for his personal projects. His Word as Image project is a clever invitation for the viewer to think creatively and attempt to bend the visual shape of words into their own meaning. The resulting typography is minimalist, yet all the more insightful in its simplicity.

“This project started nearly twenty years ago as an assignment in my typography class at art school. Students were encouraged to see letters beyond their dull, practical functionality”, says the author. “The challenge is to visualize the meaning of a word, using only the graphic elements of the letters forming the word, without adding any outside parts. The challenge was very hard, but the reward of “cracking” a word felt great. So this became a lifelong project for me.”

For more of Ji Lee’s visual puzzles, you can get his Word as Image book or visit the Word as Image Facebook page.




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