20 Tiny, Minimalistic Tattoos That You Can Wear Like Jewelry

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Although the word “tattow” (later changed to tattoo) was imported by Captain James Cook from his voyages in the 18th century, tattoos have been used across the world ever since Neolithic times. While there were times when tattoos were specific to certain social / economic classes or occupations, that’s no longer the case, and nowadays everyone can have one: from school teachers to politicians, doctors, and pretty much anyone you can think of.

In recent years, the popularity of tattoos rose so much that it inspired television shows such as A&E’s Inked, TLC’s Miami Ink and LA Ink. In fact, tattoos became so mainstream that Mattel, an American multinational toy manufacturing company, released a tattooed Barbie doll in 2011.

Thanks to this growth of the tattoo culture in recent years, there have been various advances in tattoo pigments as well as the equipment used, leading to an improved tattoo quality.

Even so, there are a couple of things you should consider before getting inked.

The first thing you should consider is the health risk. Tattooing can cause infections and allergic reactions and while modern tattooists reduce these risks by working with single-use items, sterilizing their equipment and working with quality ink, it’s still something to keep in mind before getting your first tattoo.

Another important aspect you should take into consideration is that tattoos are pretty much permanent, so make sure you really want one and that you choose one that you absolutely love! While it is sometimes possible to remove them with laser treatments, you should also know that some colors are easier to remove than others (usually black and a few colored inks) and that it’s much more expensive to remove a tattoo than to get one.

As for what tattoo should be your first, I’d recommend a type that’s actually a fashion nowadays: a tiny, minimalistic tattoo, which you can wear like a piece of jewelry.

Below you’ll find quite a few such minimalistic tattoo ideas which might inspire you and maybe you’ll get inked. Oh, and let us know which one is your favorite!

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