These Cute Worlds Are So Tiny They Fit into Glass Vials

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Rosa de Jong is an Amsterdam based freelance designer, art director and animator who enjoys creating tiny worlds in glass vials.

Micro Matter is Rosa’s project which involves crafting teeny constructs which are then suspended into glass test tubes or (really, really) small jars. In her collection you can find imaginary buildings floating on miniature islands, forests with trees no taller than a matchstick, camp grounds with tents the size of a fingernail, delicate little houses, skyscrapers and even minuscule mountains.

If you follow her creative process on her Instagram and Dribbble (and you should, you really should), the amount of work and the attention to detail that goes into creating these complex micro-worlds is apparent – but it’s no wonder, since Rosa de Jong admits to the fact that she likes working with her hands; and she’s really good at it too.

Don’t forget to also pay her a visit on Behance or on her personal website.

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